Summer Schedule is here!

The weather is warming up and school is winding down.  That means it’s almost time for Buffalo BookBike to hit the road.  We will be showing up at 18 locations this summer- almost double what we did last year!  Above is an interactive map, but here is a list of the dates and locations.  All visits will be between 11am and 1pm.

6/28 MLK PLayground
6/30 Westside Bazaar
7/5 Delaware Park Playground
7/7 Outer Harbor Playground
7/12 Artfarms
7/14 Machnica Community Center
7/19 LaSalle Park
7/21 Shoshone
7/26 Lincoln Community Center
7/28 Riverside
8/2 Roosevelt Playground
8/4 JFK Community Center
8/9 Tosh Collins Community Center
8/11 South Park
8/16 Asarese Community Center
8/18 Hennepin Community Center


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